Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Winter is slowly creeping in....

Today's post will be short and sweet, who knew coming up with new stuff would be so hard.   Winter is not my favourite time of year because the days are just too short.   Maddie loves winter, because she loves the snow.   That first snow a few weeks back had her pretty excited of what was to come.   Dexter is not so fond of the snow, he would prefer to be snuggled on the couch and Phoebe can take it or leave it, although she does stay outside longer than Dexter.   

Thankfully when we built the house we installed light to light up the whole back yard.  Just because the days are short, doesn't mean the dogs have to stumble around the yard in the dark.   I hate to admit it, but I kinda wished that first snow stayed with us.   Selfishly, of course, because the alternative to snow, is mud patches in the yard, mud which all three dogs bring into the house.   They must figure that I am not busy and have loads of time to be scrubbing the floors every day and washing the blankets that cover the couches.   

And with winter comes Christmas.   Ok, so now we are entering the message part of my post.    I love my dogs, and I would not give them up for the world.   If someone said to me, "It's me or the dogs.", my response would be, "I will miss you."   Thankfully, my husband has the same attitude.   I also believe that everyone's life would be better with a dog and Christmas is time for giving gifts, but  pets do not make good gifts.    Pets are a lifetime commitment and a lot of work.   That puppy that you are giving will need to go outside many times through the night until they learn to control their bladder.    They also require exercise to keep them from getting bored.   Let's not forget the teething stage, shoes are chew toys, as are the legs of chairs, tables, remotes, phones, pretty much anything makes a good chew toy for a puppy unless you are there to redirect.   What is cute on Christmas day, may not be so cute a few months down the road, when your stuff has been destroyed and you are suffering from sleep deprivation.   This is just a phase and with time and patience, everyone gets through it, but is the recipient of the gift prepared to give this time and patience.    If you are considering giving a puppy as a gift, make sure the recipient is on board and is aware of the work involved in raising that puppy.     Mind you, once the commitment is made and the work is done, the end result is priceless.    

That's my message, until next time....

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