Sunday, 4 December 2011

Introducing Maddie.

We did not plan on getting a third dog, but sometimes the best things happen unplanned.   Maddie came from NewMarket, Ontario, she was the last one left of her litter.    The breeders were considering keeping her as their own, cause she was just that cute, but luckily for us we were able to get her.   They had nicknamed her “mattie”, cause she was always chewing and playing with the mats in their house, that should have been a sign of what we were in for.    We didn’t want to change her name, so we named her Madeline, and called her Maddie.   

A friend had picked her up for us and make the long trek from Ontario to PEI with his own puppy and ours.   She arrived at our house at 4:00 am. I am pretty sure everyone in the neighbourhood knew that Maddie had arrived.   For a tiny dog, she sure had a set of lungs.  I think the shock of seeing two bigs dogs bounding out into the yard to meet her may have scared her a bit, because as soon as she saw Dexter and Phoebe the screaming started.   I have never heard a dog scream before Maddie came along.   I will later learn that Maddie is very vocal, she is not a barker, but she sure is a talker.    Dexter and Phoebe welcomed her into the family.  

Maddie is the complete opposite of Phoebe, in colour and in attitude.   Phoebe has a quiet about her, she has a calm personality.   Maddie on the other hand, she has energy, and lots of it.    If she wasn’t torturing Dexter, she was torturing Phoebe.   I couldn’t walk across the room with Maddie chasing my pant legs, oh and catching them too.  

She arrived in July so the beach was one of her first adventures.  At the beach we learned that Maddie has no fear.   She ran out into the water, not realizing that there were waves and she was still pretty tiny.   She no more got into the water and the waves rolled her back, when I say rolled, I mean the waves literally rolled her, she was tumbling back to shore.   I had thought that maybe that would have made her afraid of the water, I was wrong, five minutes later she goes back in to tackle those waves again.     She still loves the beach and has mastered swimming.   

I always say Maddie walks to the beat of her own drum.   Up until recently I wasn’t even sure whether she liked us, because she never sat still long enough to get any attention.  Even when she is sleeping she is tossing and turning, always on the move.   And she was a digger, always digging holes in the yard.   I would fill the holes in and she would watch me and then dig again when I was finished.  

The summer we got Maddie was also the summer we built our house.   We moved into the  house in late October, and it was a very rainy October/November.   We soon learned that Maddie loves rolling in the mud, and there was no shortage of mud in our unlandscaped back yard.   Her white fur was no longer white, even after a bath there was a pink tinge to it from the red mud.   When we went for walks to Upton farm, Maddie was always drawn to the mud puddles, there was no way of getting around them right in she would go.   

Maddie may have been tiny when she arrived, but she has been growing and growing and still growing.    She is a big girl now, with a large presence.    As she matures she is becoming more of a cuddler and actually looks for attention, but she is still walking to the beat of her own drum.   She hears, but sometimes doesn't listen.   If we open the downstairs door to let her in, she will look at us and walk up to the other door and wait for one of us to go upstairs to let her in.   

Winter is her favourite time of year, she loves the snow, and I like the fact that she stays white for a few months.  She will spend hours and hours outside.    

Now our family is complete, Dexter and his girls.

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