Monday, 12 December 2011

Santa is coming soon....

With Christmas coming soon I figured it is probably time to post Santa Pictures.   Most people who know me, also know that Christmas is not my favourite time of year.   I am more of a bah humbug type of person, but when it comes to the dogs, any opportunity to have their pictures taken, I am there.   Hence the pictures with Santa, oh and let's not forget, the money goes to a good cause since it is a PEI Humane Society Fundraiser.

This year I may be softening a bit on the whole Christmas fiasco.   My tree has been up for a week now, which is odd to say the least and the house is decorated.   Most years the tree only gets put up the week before Christmas and taken down Boxing Day.  No doubt my friends are secretly planning an intervention to determine why the change.   So far the dogs haven't knocked it down, although there was a close call last week.   A friend dropped by and I was showing her the tree and Maddie thought it would be a good idea to walk behind it.   She had no trouble getting in behind it on one side, but getting out was a bit tricky.   She is not a small dog, and there is not much room behind the tree for her to turn around.  Her only option was to come out the other side, still tricky, cause one false move and that whole tree was coming down.   Thankfully she made it, the tree shook slightly, but remained standing, whew!    

Dexter is afraid of the tree, but the Santa that Mike brought home seems to be bothering him for some reason or another.   We have placed it on the mantle, up high so they don't destroy it but Dexter is obsessed with him.   He is constantly jumping up, barking at it and seems to think it does not belong in the house.  The first night he was put out Dexter spent more than an hour, watching him, barking at him, jumping up to sniff him.    I keep waiting for the day I come home and poor Santa will be destroyed and Dexter will have accomplished his mission.  Fingers crossed that he will survive the season.   


Dexter and Phoebe's pictures are from Christmas past.   They were taken in 2009, but Maddie's was taken this year.

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