Saturday, 3 December 2011

Introducing Phoebe.

In April 2009 Mike began the search for his German Shepherd.    Google had became his friend and he spent hours searching the internet for breeders nearby.    Then he stumbled upon the web site for Cedar Croft, a breeder in New Brunswick.   He called and luckily for us there was one female not spoken for.  He called me at work to say he found his shepherd, it wasn’t quite that easy though, finding her was just the beginning.    After a few phone calls and a long telephone interview we were approved to have the privilege of taking Phoebe into our home.     Phoebe had only been born a few days before, so we had to wait eight weeks before we were able to pick her up.   Eight weeks may not seem like a long time, to us it was eternity.  

Finally the day arrived for us to pick up Phoebe, the plan was we would pick her up on a Saturday so both of us could go.  The Friday before we were to go get her, Mike calls me at work to say he was heading to NB to pick up our baby.  He just couldn't wait another day.   Obviously I couldn’t just drop everything and go with him, besides, I had scheduled to take the following week off to help Phoebe adjust to our home.  He made the trip alone.   When Phoebe arrived it was love at first site.  

Even Dexter was drawn to this little black bundle.    

She was perfect, so calm and confident.   Phoebe became my little shadow, where ever I went Phoebe came with.  
Phoebe’s story is not nearly as adventurous as Dexters, she was a good puppy who matured into a great dog.  She did have one little mishap.   I was away for a week.   On the second day I get a phone call from Mike, Phoebe hurt her paw, somehow she cut her pad when she was playing outside.  Nothing major, a couple of stitches, wrapped, and a cone to keep her from licking it.   This slowed her down a bit for a few weeks.  

Oh, and let's not forget that day that she and Dexter decided to have a little fun with one of my plants.  Mike got home and there was potting soil everywhere.   He thought that by cleaning it up before I got home that I wouldn’t notice that I was missing a large tree.   Of course he blamed Dexter, but I think that it was a joint effort.   I am pretty sure it went like this:  
Dexter: Hey Phoebe, lets move this plant. 
Phoebe: Sure Dexter, sounds like a plan. 
Dexter: Darn, it fell over.  Hey, let’s just play with it, Mommy won’t mind.
Phoebe: Yeah, that would be fun... 
And the end result...

Enter the crates.    Surprisingly, the dogs actually like the crates and still like them.   
Phoebe and Dexter were best friends, they played together, they slept together and were living the good life.   

Our family was complete, we had our boy and girl.   

Or was it?   In my next post you will meet Maddie.  

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