Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My First Blog Post

Ok, I am officially blogging.   I have made this space mainly as a place to brag about my fur babies.   I have three of them, so expect lots of bragging.

I wasn't always a dog lover, I grew up with cats but always wanted a dog.   Finally when I had my own family it only seemed right to get a dog.   Along came Niki, my first dog and I will admit she was my world (of course I loved my now husband and son) but the love for a dog is different.   She was my girl.  It was March 1995 that we brought her into our lives.  She was a doberman mix, her mom was a red doberman and her dad was, well, let's just say her mom may have been a bit promiscious so father unknown.   Niki was special from the beginning, she had so much energy.   We kept waiting for that milestone when she would finally settle down.   That milestone never arrived, she was a bundle of energy for her entire life.    I guess I am getting off topic, because this blog is about my current kids, but I can't help but write about Niki.   We lost Niki on August 28, 2008.   She lived a long, happy life and I still miss her.  She was my little girl.

Enter Dexter, I was so heartbroken about Niki I vowed to never get another dog.  I honestly didn't think I had the heart to love and lose again.   Never say never, there was an emptiness that needed to be filled.  I hated going home from work to an empty house.   Niki was always there to greet me and make me smile, regardless of how bad my day was.    Dexter was not planned, we still hadn't made the decision to get a dog.   We were considering a Shepherd, but hadn't made any commitments.   Mike was browsing the Buy Sell and Trade pet section and noticed a freebee.  He called inquiring, just being curious because he did not know what a foxhound looked like.   Then he suggested that we go look at the puppy.   He was busy that night so he suggested that Terry and I go to Murray Harbour to look at the puppy and see what we thought.   Now, really, who was he kidding, sending me and Terry to look at a puppy and not expect us to bring it home.   Which is what we did.   (here is Dexter the first night home)

Just look at that face, who could possibly not want to take that precious puppy home.    Dexter grew up to be a handsome man, with a gentle personality.  Mind you, there were bumps along the way.  He was a handful.

Remember, I said earlier that I wasn't getting another dog, I guess I was wrong.   Even though I had said no more dogs, Dexter was just the beginning.

Next enters Phoebe.   Mike always wanted a German Shepherd, but because Niki was pretty spoiled and we weren't sure that she would accept another dog, him getting a German Shepherd was not happening.   He never let that go, so the search began.    One day while I was at work he called me to say he found a breeder, although they were in NB he still wanted to call them.   He called and went through the interview process and he was approved by the breeder to have the privilege of being the new owners of Cedar Croft Showtime (we named her Phoebe).  Phoebe was born on April 18th, 2009.   We couldn't get her until she was 8 weeks old, and let me tell you that was a very long 8 weeks.   When she was ready to come home Mike drove alone to Estey's Bridge (near Fredericton) to pick up his little girl.

It was love at first sight.  Phoebe was perfect and Dexter loved her.   Our family was complete.  Or was it....

Somehow along the way the dogs chose who they belonged to.   Dexter made it quite clear from the get go that he was Terry's boy.   He loved us too, but Terry was his favourite.    Phoebe then chose me as the one she would follow around.   Again, she loved Terry and Mike, but was always two steps behind me.    There was a missing link.  I had taken in a puppy for a few days as a favour to a friend.  She had adopted him, but it wasn't the perfect match.  I thought that maybe by me taking him for a few days that they would have second thoughts.   In the end, he was also a bit much for our household so he was returned.   Seemed like an easy enough thing to do, after all, he was only with us for a couple of days.    Apparently not so easy, so the negotiating began.  I just wasn't equipped to handle this puppy so as a concession I agreed that if Mike and Terry found a Shepherd in Ontario that week that they could get it.   They would agree to give him back and they would begin the search a shepherd.   The reason for Ontario is that we had a friend who happened to be up there picking up his own puppy.    Hmmm, I thought there was no way they would find a breeder with a dog available on such short notice, so I agreed.    Imagine my surprise when they found one, oh and she was ready to go to her new home.   Enter Furrari's Heavenly Madeline (Maddie).

Maddie was born on May 9, 2010 and arrived at our home on July 13, 2010.   Her arrival at our house was quite an affair, it was 4:00 am and boy did she make an entrance.    Maddie walks to the beat of her own drum.    She is a presence and makes sure that every knows she is here.   She fit right in with Phoebe and Maddie.   Our family is now complete.

This blog will follow the lives of our fur babies.   Be warned, if you are not a dog lover, perhaps this is not a blog you will be interested in.  

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